About us

@rtMoleculeFounded at Poitiers (France) in 2003, @rtMolecule is a private incorporated company.

The work of @rtMolecule’s team has received many awards and honors.

A highly-skilled team is available to provide a variety of pure organic chemical compounds worldwide (steroids, alkaloids, sugars, fatty acids, terpenoids, amino acid derivatives...).
Custom synthesis products are intended for all areas related to human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry (manufacturing impurities), bioanalytical laboratories, environmental studies, and related research institutions.

A broad range of chemical reactions is supported and well controlled (hydroxylation, alkylation, dealkylation, glycosides, glucuronidation, oxidation, reduction, halogenation...).
•  Multi-step synthesis
•  Asymmetric synthesis
•  Functionalization of unactivaded positions in superacids. (eg. fluorination)
•  New compound library to speed drug discovery

 R&D activity

CIFRE agreement
   - Industrial agreement of learning/training by research through industry-oriented doctoral thesis.

CIR agreement “Crédit d'Impôt Recherche”
Since 2010, @rtMolecule is a registered service provider for research tax credit from the French Ministry of Research.


National Competition for the creation of new technology-based firms
  -  5th edition of in the “emerging category”.
  -  6th edition in the “innovative and development business”.

"Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Poitou-Charentes"
 -  Prestigious award for regional entrepreneurial and innovative capacity.

Masters price of Business Creation
 - 7th and 8th award ceremonies at the Senate of French Republic.

 - Demonstrating our commitment to reporting our economic, environmental and social performance.


All the equipment for conventional chemical reactions, separations and purifications

  • Purification: CombiFlash Rf, preparative HPLC
  • Structure determination: MS, NMR (400MHz), IR
  • Purity determination: Analytical HPLC, (Photodiode array detector and
    Corona Veo Charged Aerosol Detector), GC
  • Microwave
  • Karl Fischer polarimetric
  • Melting point
  • Hastelloy reactor 60 bars