Custom Synthesis / R&D

@rtMolecule specializes in custom synthesis of organic molecules and provides the following design and synthesis services.

Stable isotope labeled materials (Deuterium, 13C, 15N, 18O or mixed)
- Isotopic purity of >98% is a minimum to avoid analyte contamination.
- Deuterium labeling positions are carefully chosen to avoid H/D exchange.
- The level of isotope incorporation is kept to meet customer's needs for quantitative MS assays.

Drug metabolites
- Synthesized metabolites are kept free of active ingredients (API's).
Multistep synthesis or direct modification of the parent drug.
Extensive experience in hydroxylate and glucuroconjugate compounds.

Other references
Standards for identification and quantification of impurities, micropollutants or emerging pollutants (e.g. environmental pollutants).
@rtMolecule promptly answer your questions and addresses your requests in a timely manner.

New molecular entities
Scaffolds (e.g. fluorinated).
Pharmacomodulation with a timely delivery of your orders.
Original functionalization of non activated position in superacidic media.


General information

- Quantities from mg to 100g 
- Target HPLC purity > 98%
Detailed certificate of analysis (CoA)* and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all compounds
- Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before any information exchange
- Delivery via TSE medical Express and FedEx, we also offer other transportation options to suit any destination worldwide
General conditions of sale and provision of services
Contract research projects (CIR accreditation)


Synthèse à façon

* Custom CoA and report can be produced to customer specifications. The customer satisfaction remains at the core of our activity and it is our greatest reward.